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Chris Acree, Executive Director

Chris is a University of California Davis graduate with a B.S. degree in Environmental and Resource Sciences with Hydrology as a Major Emphasis. For seven years, Chris was a Senior Air Pollution Control Specialist with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Other professional experiences include: Regional Council of Rural Counties' Environmental Program Coordinator for Mariposa, Tuolumne, Calaveras, Inyo, and Mono Counties; County of Fresno Public Works and Planning Resources Department; UC Davis Outdoor Adventures Senior Rock-Climbing Guide; and Western Environmental Consultants Urban Forestry contract work for P.G. & E. and SMUD.

Chris was appointed to the County of Fresno Planning Commission in July 2006 and County of Fresno San Joaquin Valley Water Coalition Council in August 2005. He has volunteered for the Sierra Club, Tehipite Chapter, California State Democratic Convention, California Wild Heritage Campaign, Committee to Save the Kings River, UC Davis Hydrology Department and San Joaquin River Parkway.

Restore wild salmon, Eat wild salmon!

What is behind Greenpeace’s “Oh-no-Costco” campaign and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program’s recent decision to avoid California and Oregon caught salmon.  Read our blog on buying salmon to learn more….


Go Wild! Vote with your fork!  I recently bought several pounds of Alaskan wild salmon at Costco for about $7.00 a pound, the same price or cheaper than farmed salmon in other local supermarkets.  What a deal, I was giddy at the thought of the cheap and compassionate salmon purchase. We cooked it, we smoked it, we shared it, and we ate it for weeks. I felt good about the purchase because I advocate eating wild salmon, as opposed to the farmed salmon we

River Journal from the Lower San Joaquin River

Revive the San Joaquin Board member Sean Walker and myself set out on Sunday evening for two days of paddling on the Lower San Joaquin River. Walt Shubin, another Revive Board member, joined us on Tuesday morning as we moved downriver ultimately meeting up with a group of canoes from the Tuolumne River Trust as part of their Paddle to the Sea event at the confluence of the Tuolumne River. Special thanks to Sean's brother Mikey for shuttling both cars upstream, a four-hour journey as we couldn't leave our boats unattended. Next time we will try to get both boats on one car and find better, safer overnight parking at the takeout.

LA's Plans for Us!

Does this bother anyone else but me?  How are we ever going to make headway for water supply protections in the Valley unless we come to grips with LA's plans for our water supply.  This has all played out before in the Owen's River Valley.  What are we going to do to ensure fair delivery and County of Origin protections for our dwindling water supplies.  I will say it again, this is not "Smelt vs.

Water Forum a success

The recent Central Valley Water Consortium's Water Forum: Facts vs. Fiction event at Fresno City College was a great success with over 200 participants from throughout the valley.  Translation services and daycare made the meeting accessible to those with special needs.

2010 brings forward serious "water wrangling"

Hello Revive Friends and Supporters,

2010 has brought new hopes for a restored San Joaquin River, with interim restoration releases scheduled again for February 1st.  The restoration program is underway, but as a non-profit partner dedicated to ensuring a successful restoration effort, Revive the San Joaquin has been fighting to ensure that the consequences of local, State, and federal actions do not impair our opportunities to restore the San Joaquin River.  Local land-use and development, water quality impacts from municipal and industrial dischargers, and other loc

KMJ hosts water forum

KMJ host Chris Daniel hosted a 2hr water forum on Wednesday night from 5-7pm. Guests included Tom Birmingham of Westlands Water District, Revive's Chris Acree, Bill Diedrich of San Luis Water District, Robert Silva Mayor of Mendota, John Shelton of CA Fish and Game, and Steve Haze representing the San Joaquin Valley Water Leadership Forum. The forum was a moderated discussion about the current status of water and water management in the San Joaquin Valley. The forum was a great oppotunity to introduce restoration of the San Joaquin River as a possible solution to our water management woes.

Blueprint Summit to address long-range planning issues


The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint is holding a Blueprint Summit on January 26, 2009 ( to discuss the progress of the valleywide planning process in Fresno. The Blueprint is a joint planning effort of the Great Valley Center and the eight valley county Council of Governments. The Blueprint is setting land-use goals and preferred valley-wide growth scenarios that will accomodate a rapidly growing population. The Summit will be a culmination of years of planning work and allow the public to comment and select a preferred growth scenario.

While the process is essential to a coordinated land-use and transportation plan for the valley, there is also great potential for establishing meaningful growth strategies that protect the San Joaquin River, local agriculture, valuable resource lands, and other important land-uses that enrich our economy and quality of life.

Friends of Lost Lake oppose Closure of Lost Lake Park

On January 27th, 2009, the Board of Supervisors will be reviewing the mid-year fiscal status of the County which will include looking at all County parks and reviewing the potential to close the parks. This will no doubt address the potential closure of Lost Lake Park as has been alluded to in recent Board meetings concerning the Lost Lake Master Plan process, a planning process funded by the San Joaquin River Conservancy. The Friends of Lost Lake is a group formed to rekindle an appreciation for Lost Lake County Park.

Revive the San Joaquin Files Lawsuits Against Madera Developments

On December 8th the County of Madera approved two large-scale developments in Eastern Madera County near the San Joaquin River. Revive the San Joaquin has filed suit against the approvals of the Tesoro Viejo and the Northshore at Millerton Specific Plans.  Revive the San Joaquin joined a coalition with the Dumna Tribal Council and the Madera Oversight Coalition ( to enforce compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other state, federal, and local regulations.

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