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Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta

The Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta is the largest estuarine system on the west coast of the Americas and a rich national treasure. So why do we treat it like sewer? Read more to unfold the many mysteries and current challenges facing the Delta.

'World asset' on tap in Fresno

Policymakers discuss the need to preserve delta for everyone's water need

Farmers say they've been left off blueprint for the future

By Alex Breitler
Record Staff Writer
August 17, 2008 6:00 AM

THE DELTA - You've probably never been to McDonald Island.

A narrow bridge fords Turner Cut and winds down to farmers' fields, where a potato harvester churns the black soil and swallows up hundreds of taters in a matter of minutes.

Arguments against a canal

These are four common concerns expressed by various advocacy groups opposed to altering the San Joaquin Delta:

A Bay/Delta Primer

From the Sierra To the Sea:
A San Francisco Bay/Delta Primer

Unfavorable Ocean Conditions Likely Cause of Low Salmon Returns Along West Coast in 2007

March 3, 2008

NOAA scientists are reviewing unusual environmental conditions in the Pacific Ocean as the likely culprit for the dramatically low returns of Chinook and coho salmon to rivers and streams along the West Coast of the United States last year.

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