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San Joaquin River Faire - Call for Partners


Mark your Calendars for the

San Joaquin River Faire

August 21, Lost Lake Park

                      (pending permit)

Call for sponsors, vendors, organizational partners, and volunteers.

River Journal from the Lower San Joaquin River

Revive the San Joaquin Board member Sean Walker and myself set out on Sunday evening for two days of paddling on the Lower San Joaquin River. Walt Shubin, another Revive Board member, joined us on Tuesday morning as we moved downriver ultimately meeting up with a group of canoes from the Tuolumne River Trust as part of their Paddle to the Sea event at the confluence of the Tuolumne River. Special thanks to Sean's brother Mikey for shuttling both cars upstream, a four-hour journey as we couldn't leave our boats unattended. Next time we will try to get both boats on one car and find better, safer overnight parking at the takeout.

LA's Plans for Us!

Does this bother anyone else but me?  How are we ever going to make headway for water supply protections in the Valley unless we come to grips with LA's plans for our water supply.  This has all played out before in the Owen's River Valley.  What are we going to do to ensure fair delivery and County of Origin protections for our dwindling water supplies.  I will say it again, this is not "Smelt vs.

San Joaquin River Canoe Days


**UPDATE: Interim Flows will be reduced as of 5/10/10 due to seepage impacts.  Please call to confirm dates for canoeing.***


Join Revive the San Joaquin for canoe trips on the river.  See stretches of the river that have been dry for over 60 years and watch the river come to life first-hand.  Revive the San Joaquin has limited seats available on member donated canoes so let us know ASAP if you are interested in joining us.  These events are BYOC (Bring Your Own Canoe), we welcome anyone with their own canoes or rentals to join in.  Our goal is to paddle or boat the entire river from Friant to the confluence of the Merced River this Spring. 


Call our staff at (559) 226-0733 to sign up or coordinate a trip.  Our scheduled trips include:


May 15th  Shields Ave. to San Mateo Ave.   This is a 12 miles paddle down a previously dry section of river.  See once barren shores springing back to life with vibrant Lupine bushes and a

Revive the San Joaquin Adopt-a-Highway

Revive the San Joaquin is initiating its Adopt-a-Highway Program beginning Sunday May 16, 2010.  Volunteers will meet at 8:30am at the Starbuck's in Riverpark next to Kinko's (7658 North Blackstone Ave.).  You should schedule several hours for the cleanup, although they generally should be no longer than one hour of work.  Revive will provide all the cleanup supplies and training for interested volunteers. 

Fresno County Board of Supervisors Approve Lost lake Master Plan Concept

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors recently approved the Lost Lake Master Plan Initial Study paving the way for continued enviornmental and project planning for Lost Lake Park. After years of public participation and Revive the San Joaquin commenting, the current Master Plan is a far better proposal than previous versions, which were proposing a large-scale regional spo

Water Forum a success

The recent Central Valley Water Consortium's Water Forum: Facts vs. Fiction event at Fresno City College was a great success with over 200 participants from throughout the valley.  Translation services and daycare made the meeting accessible to those with special needs.

2010 brings forward serious "water wrangling"

Hello Revive Friends and Supporters,

2010 has brought new hopes for a restored San Joaquin River, with interim restoration releases scheduled again for February 1st.  The restoration program is underway, but as a non-profit partner dedicated to ensuring a successful restoration effort, Revive the San Joaquin has been fighting to ensure that the consequences of local, State, and federal actions do not impair our opportunities to restore the San Joaquin River.  Local land-use and development, water quality impacts from municipal and industrial dischargers, and other loc

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