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Grassroots’ Latino Water Coalition registered to ag industry lobbyist

By Malcolm Maclachlan | 10/01/09 12:00 AM PST..

Anyone who works in or around the Capitol has likely seen them in the last few months: clumps of Latino farm workers holding blue and white signs with slogans such as “Farm water=Jobs” or “If you like foreign oil, you’ll love foreign food.”

The California Latino Water Coalition is one of several groups that have sprung up in recent years as the Golden State has tried to address its water woes. But according to critics, those blue signs are hiding another color: the green of Astroturf. In politics, “Astroturfing” means creating and financing a group to make it appear to be a real grass-roots organization when, in fact, it isn’t. It is a common practice in the high-stakes world of Sacramento lobbying and communications strategy.

Salmon Water Now!

Visit Salmon Water Now! at to view several videos addressing the use of water and the imperiled salmon fishery in California and share your thoughts.

The Farmer and the Fisherman from Bruce Tokars on Vimeo.

Revive Files Opening Brief in Rio Mesa Litigation

After six months of intense research Revive the San Joaquin and its partners Madera Oversight Coalition and the Dumna Tribal Council file our opening brief (below)against the Tesoro Viejo Developments.  The lawsuit challenges that the approval of the Specific Plan and other associated planning documents were grossly inadequate in that local policy and regional and State laws were widely ignored.  The lack of coordination with State, regional, and federal agencies was prevalent and thi

WALTER A. SHUBIN: Different look at farm, water issues

Friday July 10, 2009 By Walter Shubin

Twenty years ago, I testified before the House Committee on Agriculture that federal farm policy was driving family farmers off the land, enriching commodities traders and large food processing corporations and undermining America's ability to produce healthy food.

Time, sad to say, has proven me right. Since I testified, a half-million American farmers have vanished.

Using Tulare Lake for Water Storage

Lewis Griswold published a column in the Fresno Bee outlining a proposal using the Tulare Lake area for water storage instead of the Temperance Flat Dam.

The San Joaquin Valley Leadership Forum has published a plan to use the Tulare Lake Basin for water storage. Read all about it here:

The text of the Fresno Bee column by Lewis Griswold is here:

Restoration Bill Passes. On to Obama!

The bill that authorizes federal spending on the San Joaquin River Restoration Program to implement the San Joaquin River Settlement Agreement has passed the Senate and the House. The bill will move on to President Obama who is expected to sign.  Details to follow.

California's claims of three-year drought are all wet

California's "drought" is overblown. The alarmists calling it a historic disaster are trying to pull a fast one.

KMJ hosts water forum

KMJ host Chris Daniel hosted a 2hr water forum on Wednesday night from 5-7pm. Guests included Tom Birmingham of Westlands Water District, Revive's Chris Acree, Bill Diedrich of San Luis Water District, Robert Silva Mayor of Mendota, John Shelton of CA Fish and Game, and Steve Haze representing the San Joaquin Valley Water Leadership Forum. The forum was a moderated discussion about the current status of water and water management in the San Joaquin Valley. The forum was a great oppotunity to introduce restoration of the San Joaquin River as a possible solution to our water management woes.

Revive's Grasslands Bypass Project Comments

Revive the San Joaquin submitted the following public comments to Judi Tapia, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation concerning the Draft Environmental Impact Report on the Grasslands ByPass Project.  The Proposed Project is asking for an additional 10 years to comply with state water quality and environmental regulations.

Revive the San Joaquin’s Comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for Grasslands Bypass Project 2010-2019

Revive board member comments upset community

Click on the image below to see the full interview.

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