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Farm Labor/ Anti-Environmentalist Rally

A rally in front of City Hall in Fresno shows how the debate around water and labor can both unite and divide a community. Lloyd Carter's comments on KMPH about water and farm jobs in Fresno's westside ignited a heated response from farm labor advocates, elected officials, and agricultural lobbyists. Speakers made a unified call to preserve the respect and dignity of immigrants and farm laborers. Some speakers denounced the environmental movement as a force destroying rural communities and the agricultural economy in the Valley. Others attending took offense on the attacks saying that many farmers and farm laborers represent the environmental movement. All in all, the core issues of water management and sustainable westside jobs were ignored and those entrenched in the water wars ended up digging themselves in a bit deeper. Watch these videos to learn about perspectives on the issue, and join us in Revive's efforts to develop water-wise planning and sustainable westside jobs.

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