You are hereAppropriation Bill HR 1 holds Anti-Environmental Riders

Appropriation Bill HR 1 holds Anti-Environmental Riders

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HR 1, Full-Year Continuing Funding Resloution, 2011. House Republicans push forward Anti-Environmental Riders in hopes of environmental deregulation of water and air quality.


Revive the San Joaquin Response:

The nineteen anti-environmental riders that house republicans are pushing constitutes nothing more than a sweeping environmental deregulation scheme that turns back the clock to a time when protections for water quality and fish were less balanced. The riders would throw California water policy into chaos. The cuts are blatant attempts to eliminate environmental barriers to industries that profit on pollution and waste.  There is no rational economic argument for eliminating laws that protect water quality and protect the health and safety of all Californians.


We need clean water to produce the valuable crops that come out of the San Joaquin Valley. The San Joaquin River Restoration Program pushes fresh water into the Delta where fish and farmers need it most. Restoration flows are recaptured from the Delta and used in the Westlands Water District where new supplies are needed.  This rider would defund the program that took 18 years to finalize, wasting years of effort and hundreds of millions of dollars that will be used for water supply projects, habitat restoration projects and flood protection improvements (as well as many local green jobs). The Restoration Program has had wide support including the Bush Presidential Administration, Senator Feinstein, and the Schwarzenegger Gubernatorial Administration. The rider is opposed by the Friant Water Users, the Bureau of Reclamation, and many environmental and conservation groups.  There is no sound economic argument for stopping progress on San Joaquin River Restoration; it is one of the most beneficial projects on the table for California water and the San Joaquin Valley.


The riders also dismantle sections of the Clean Water Act that protect millions of acres of wetlands and thousands of miles of streams. The riders tie EPA’s hands for enforcement and jeopardize the laws protecting waterways from oil spills and waste dumping.  In the Delta, the riders strip the science out of Delta management decisions threatening the near-extinct salmon species and the multi-billion dollar commercial fishing industry. 


In a similar manner, the Anti-environmental riders also strip federal protections for: wolves populations in the Rockies, limit small business and non-profit access to court challenges when harmed by unjustified federal decisions, forbids science-based studies necessary for NEPA investigations of dam removals on the Klamath River, prevents off-road vehicle regulation and enforcement in national forests, eliminates protections for streams from surface mining, derails restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, stops EPA funding for enforcement and implementation of new water quality for Florida lakes and rivers, prohibits fishery catch-share programs on the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, halts funding for Missouri River management plans, and strips EPA of its authority to restrict certain unacceptable discharges.


These anti-environmental legislative riders have potential to cost the American public much more than they save. This is a blatant attempt to thwart the environmental regulations that have kept our water supplies safe and our citizens healthy.  The riders, if passed, will destroy successful bipartisan efforts that have paved the way for the next generation of successful water projects and send us into a legislative limbo where nothing productive can be done. The deregulation of federal water oversight will leave a giant hole that will surely be filled by pollution and greed. Please contact your elected representatives and tell them to abandon these short-sighted and damaging anti-environmental riders.


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