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KMJ hosts water forum

KMJ host Chris Daniel hosted a 2hr water forum on Wednesday night from 5-7pm. Guests included Tom Birmingham of Westlands Water District, Revive's Chris Acree, Bill Diedrich of San Luis Water District, Robert Silva Mayor of Mendota, John Shelton of CA Fish and Game, and Steve Haze representing the San Joaquin Valley Water Leadership Forum. The forum was a moderated discussion about the current status of water and water management in the San Joaquin Valley. The forum was a great oppotunity to introduce restoration of the San Joaquin River as a possible solution to our water management woes. The more meaningful discussions we can have on the topic, the better equipped we will be as a community to rally around a cohesive water plan that will improve our chances to improve our economy, ecology, spitituality through better water planning. Listen to the forum on the KMJ website at the following link

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