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Opposes Friant Ranch

Posted at 12:03 AM on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011

In the Jan. 15 Valley Voices, Dennis Bacopulus, spokesperson for Friant Ranch development, described the benefits of the project located adjacent to the town of Friant. He wrote, "Unlike rural leapfrog development, Friant Ranch expands one of the county's oldest towns and embraces the 'smart growth' principles of the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint."

There is a major flaw in his statement. The development would violate the cornerstone of the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint: orderly, compact growth within planned boundaries.

Smart-growth concepts, like hiking, biking trails and electric vehicle lanes used inside the project are fine, but the development itself would be an island of urbanization beyond any kind of city infrastructure.

The developers propose getting water from the Lower Tule Irrigation District and disposing of sewage water in and near the San Joaquin River. What happens to Fresno's clean drinking water when sewage water is released into the river? Traffic and clean air impacts cannot be mitigated. It is not OK with me to be gridlocked on Friant Road or Highway 41 breathing ever more polluted air generated by leapfrog developments such as Friant Ranch. So, who does benefit from this project?

Clary Creager



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