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Schwarzenegger's budget veto hurts Revive

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget veto in Sacramento has had a direct impact on Revive the San Joaquin.  Our River Health Assessment of the Upper San Joaquin River is entirely funded through a grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, a state agency. 

Revive the San Joaquin received an email from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy on December 19, 2008 suspending all work on our River Health Assessment Project starting from December 17, 2008 until the budget crisis in the state legislature is resolved.

On December 17, 2008 the state agency Pooled Money Investment Board froze 2,000 grants and issued orders to halt approving more projects until further notice.  Many organizations are now finding themselves in a funding crisis and jobs are being lost.  More details on this story can be found in the Sacramento Bee:

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