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SWRCB Aims to Set Delta Flow Requirements for San Joaquin River System

The State Water Resources Control Board, the state agency responsible for protecting the public trust resources and allocating water among competing uses, is aiming to enact new flow criteria to protect the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary, starting with flows contributed to the Bay-Delta by the San Joaquin River. The Board has already determined that, in order to fully protect the public trust, 60% of the runoff in the San Joaquin watershed must make it to the Delta. This will be a highly politicized decision and may impact many water users as the Board seek to “go get” water enact these new standards.

Freshwater flows out of the San Joaquin and Sacramento River systems are necessary to repel saltwater incursion into the Central Valley from the flooding and ebbing of ocean tides through the San Francisco Bay. Recognizing this problem long ago, the Board stated “In 1959 the State Legislature directed that water shall not be diverted from the Delta for use elsewhere unless adequate supplies for the Delta are first provided.”  While recognized at this early date, little has been done since to address this problem of Delta health. Again in 1978 the Board recognized that “To provide full mitigation of project impacts on all fishery species would require the virtual shutting down of the project export pumps.” Since these decisions, water exports from the Delta have drastically increased and many fisheries in the Delta have reached the brink of extinction.

Help Revive the San Joaquin build the political will to fix the Delta and return water to our river. We can no longer afford to let the ‘status quo’ drive our most valuable resource decisions, we need strong standards to make this happen. Please join Revive and sign a postcard to tell the Board that the Delta and our rivers need strong protections.


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Please sign and send the postcard attached to tell the SWRCB that you support strong protections for the San Joaquin. Print and send to Mr. Charles Hoppin, State Water Resources Control Board, Cal/EPA Headquarters, 1001 I St. 24th Floor, Sacramento CA 95814-2828.





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